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So many stories of its origin; so many stories of its significance. The Safari Suit came into being during the colonial era, back in the 19th century. It was clothing created for cross-country expeditions: a dun-coloured pair of trousers, with a half-sleeved shirt cut of the same cloth, sporting so many pockets that it resembles a jacket.
As the newest trend in popular fashion, Safari Suits were recognized as all the rage in the late 1960s. One would have seen it near its peak, coming in steel greys and blues and made almost entirely of synthetic fibres.

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For decades, they were the urban male professional’s general attire, becoming as a matter of course a uniform in India’s cities. It wasn’t marketed as “power dressing”; it just spoke for itself. Scores of bureaucrats and corporate employees wore them to work. The suits gradually filtered from the bureaucracy into India’s public-sector companies and eventually, into public favour. It was the most typical attire everyone was sporting.

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For us Indians, the Safari Suit symbolised a break with the handspun khadi that Mahatma Gandhi championed during the independence movement, thus representing a new India. In the public eye, the safari suit gained distinction. The well-known businessman Rahul Bajaj had an incessant wardrobe of them. Sunil Gavaskar, an Indian cricket commentator and former cricketer representing India and Bombay from the early 1970s to the late 1980s modelled them in advertisements at the time. The celebrated film stars, Rajesh Khanna and Vinod Khanna wore them on screen in a gleaming variety of colours.
After liberalisation however, managers in multinational companies followed the dress codes of their headquarters, or of visitors from London or Singapore. The more India immersed herself into the world economy, the more rapidly the Safari Suit faded away.

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Bombay’s history sings of hardship & willpower and innovation & entrepreneurship. This city suffers from ever-inadequate infrastructure, high costs, traffic jams and long commute times and a whole host of other woes. Yet, the sheer energy of the city, its culture, its huge talent pool and its sleepless nights make it a playground for dreamers and venturers.

SAFARY : BOMBAY is built on a foundation that idolizes a journey back to the fundamental uniform living. While believing firmly in the concept of ‘Finding One’s Uniform’, we aim at bridging the gap between formal and comfortable clothing. We take inspiration from the 70’s Safari Suit and its Entrepreneurial Spirit. The objective is to promote comfort and personalisation in workwear for all genders, serving the purpose of all creative entrepreneurs out there who wish to experiment with the standard ideals of formalwear.

We sincerely wish for you to Find Your Uniform with us.

Safary Bombay Origin Cover

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